Corgi of the Week

Hello! This is Phoenix. He is a 2 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. His birthday is March 11, 2019. He has an older brother from another mother name Cosmo who is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. They both came from the same breeder so they grew up together since day one. Phoenix came from Oklahoma, but now reside in Arizona. Phoenix’s name came about after our first corgi, Katy passed away. The Phoenix is a fiery bird that when it dies it turns into ashes, but from the ashes the bird is reborn again. Phoenix is like Katy, rebirthing again. Phoenix loves to go on walks and play with his friends at the dog park. He loves squeaky toys and socks. Some of Phoenix’s nicknames are Cute Beedee and Beedee Boy. It has no connection with anything. Not even his name haha, but it stuck. Phoenix loves to eat anything from eggs, carrots, broccoli, to even durian (stinky Asian fruit). Phoenix doesn’t like car rides all that much, but when the windows are rolled down, he is super happy. Thank you for picking us to be Corgi or the Week!

Instagram @ cosmo.phoenix.thecorgis