Corgi of the Week

Fillion is a mis-marked red-headed tri Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was born in Ohio on August 11, 2020 and was one of nine puppies - his mama's first litter. Corg mom was looking for a new agility prospect as his big sister, River, is getting older and closer to retirement. He is named after the actor Nathan Fillion, who is one of Corg mom's favorites.
He is a spunky little boy who is extremely loving and friendly. He hasn't met a stranger yet. When he's excited or happy to see his friends and family, he will yodel, which makes Corg mom melt.
He is a very fast learner and recently graduated from puppy preschool. He is a natural around agility equipment. He knew exactly what to do when he met the tire and a plank of the dog-walk a few inches off the ground. Corg mom is looking forward to training with him and starting to compete when he is of age.
Puppy Fillion loves to play with his big siblings, River and Nacho, cuddling with Corg mom, taking naps and chewing on ice cubes.

You can follow #fillionthecorgi on his sister's Instagram @ riverthecorgi.